Mindy Benton, more commonly known as Professor Mindy, is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the Springfield Community College. She is played by Lizzie.

Mindy Benton is a relatively recent addition to the faculty. Though young and brilliant, she is best known for her eccentricity and the various "incidents" she's caused in the lab, often involving students. There was that time she turned one of them purple, or the kid who got encased in a glob of sturdy but breathable polymer. Luckily there hasn't been any permanent damage! Mostly. Though her colleagues by and large chalk each incident up to Chemistry Gone Wrong, the kinds of things Mindy has been able to achieve with her concoctions occasionally seems scientifically impossible. It seems there is more to this Professor than meets the eye... Which is saying a lot, given just how much actually does meet the eye.

Biography Edit

Prior to her professorship at Springfield Community College, Mindy was described as "unemployable." Despite this, the Dean of the Science Department at the community college decided to take a chance on her because of her intelligence and innovation.

Mindy cares about both science and her students; between making breakthrough discoveries and teaching classes, Professor Mindy also tutors high achieving high school students, such as Alex.